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A big steaming pile of fail.
Compiled of Ryan Ross and Jon Walker, who are former members of Panic! at the Disco. PATD is an amazingly popular, catchy, lovely, all around great guys named Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith. And Ross and Walker left them for a 'musical excursion' which they entitled The Young Veins.
But who cares, THE YOUNG VEINS SUCK! WOO HOO! :)
Thank god their not in Panic! anymore so that Brendon and Spencer actually have a say in things and we get to hear their wonderful music.
jane: did you listen to the young veins first single "change"?
lola: yeah! it sucked! brencer forever!
jane: I KNOW, RIGHT? panic! is way better off without them.
by BRENCER FOREVER. July 31, 2009
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