32 definitions by BIG J

mix between screw and fuck for those who are too lazy to use both and thus combine insults
scruck you bitch
by BIG J February 16, 2004
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1920's big-city term when mobsters refered to their tommy guns as "pianos" Al Capones and Bugs Morans gangs went to the mattresses with their chicago pianos.
old lady: what do you gentlemen have in those cases, violins?
mobster: no ma'am their our pianos, and we get paid well for playing them
by BIG J February 03, 2005
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some damn good smoke wit a little extra somethin special in it for anyone who's smoked it and knows and for yall back home in da east we call it dank........
bitch pass dat chronic you suckin, you know you don't get none.
by BIG J January 21, 2005
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A "big j" is a slang that originated in the 70's to describe a large joint or "j".
Yo spark that big j.
by BIG J March 09, 2004
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Brooklyn, NY. Most often used by brooklynites who are away from home.
Yo, i'll be by BK in like 15 minutes.
by BIG J November 14, 2004
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