2 definitions by Ayss Mayn

Cox is an Expression used to Explane a Point of Dissapointment and or Disgrace.
Morgan:Hey Chris Your an ass.
Chris: COX!
by Ayss Mayn March 26, 2010
In Tha Ass Or Ayss

is an expression used for many of thing such as:
Explaning how annoyed you are.
A Random Burst of Enjoyment.
Describing how you Had sex with somebody.
Or just Because it sound so Freaking Awesome.

You may use it While you Pretend to loop or glitch.
For example:
In tha a-a-a-a-a-aaaaaysssss


In the Ass-Ass-Ass-Ass AYSS
Chris: Hey dude.
Aydin: In Tha ass.
Chris: Fair enough... ^.^

Chris: hey, hey, Hey!
Morgan: Yeah?.
Chris: In The Ayss
Morgan: Ohk
Chris: whooooa
Morgan: Manly?
by Ayss Mayn March 26, 2010