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A person of great character. Someone kind, courteous, generous with their love and thoughtful. The kind of person you want on your side at the end of the day. At times Dayton's may loose their way, but a good Dayton knows his true friends are always a heart beat (or phone call) away.

Can be on the kinkier side of life, and knows how to have a good time. Someone with great rope tying skills, either in the bedroom or on the battle field. And is very handy with a wrench and some PVC pipe.
Dayton's are known to be crazy, the kind of crazy you cant stop looking at once it's started, the kind of crazy you need to be apart of, the kind of crazy even Brittney Spears would be jealous of (but totally in a good way).
Oh my God did you see that dude all tied up, totally a Dayton move!

That guy is the best, his name must be Dayton.

Do you know who is Awesome?
by Awesome by association March 08, 2011

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