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An amazing, stunning, kindhearted, and just a FREAKING awesome girl. If you know an Ainsley make sure you keep her close and cuff her if possible and as soon as possible. She can make close friends quickly and be out of your life as soon as she came in. She might seem underated but trust me even the most popular of people know her and probably want to be friends with her but are scared! She’s also hella damn hot and sexy even though she dosen’t think so and you would be blessed to get to know her in that way. She is extremely intelligent and may first come off as a tad rude but that’s just because she’s been through a lot. You will soon notice that she has an extremely thin wall to her heart and can be persuaded very easily. She usually is either listening to Travis Scott or blue face mixed in with some chill vibes and trying to skateboard, or editing photos and laughing with her friends. Her smile is stunning, and so are her eyes as well as lips. Just about every guy thinks she’s cute inside and out, so if you like her be sure to tell her as soon as possible and be 100% honest and trust me she will be the sweetest to you. Ainsley loves to be hugged by just about anyone so hugg her whenever you see her. Ainsley is most compatible with a Daniel, Alex, Carson, Emma, Hannah, Maya, Charlie, Rayan, and Noel’s so if your any of them be sure to stay close and cuff her because she will do you well, especially Daniels or Alex’s.
Why is Ainsley so cute?

I want to ask Ainsley out on a date but I’m scared of what she might say
by Avery A February 17, 2019

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