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When one's educational life takes over their social life, and all they ever talk about is school-related. These kinds of people are known as "schooly" people.
Person 1: OMG, when is the project for AP World History due. APWH is cancerous. Did you start your project yet? What did you get for your DBQ?

Person 2: Jeez, calm your titties, scrub. Why you gotta be so schooly all the time.
by Autismosis Jones March 30, 2015
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A person who is a skrub.

Who watches anime.
Who never in his life watched porn.

Who doesn't understand sexual jokes.
Who doesn't want to get married, have sex or have kids.
A person who is really good at badminton.
A kind person.
A person that writes super long notes.
A very innocent and pure person.
An Indian with no Indian accent.
Carmen: OMG, his eyes are so far a"parth".
Austin: LOL, he's such a parth.

Austin: So we made history today, and you were a"parth" of it.
Carmen: A+ Pun.
by Autismosis Jones March 30, 2015
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To take picures with the crappy iPhone camera.
Hey man, that guy's a newb. He's into iphonetography.
by Autismosis Jones November 24, 2014
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For people who don't have abs, they would call that area the "abdominal region" instead of "dem abs"
Person 1: "Dude, you've got nothing. Look at your abdominal region"
Person 2: "Man, I wish I had dem abs like you."
by Autismosis Jones March 28, 2015
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A person with a very prominent and ripped 4/6/8 pack and always shows it off to people.

See also: abdominal region
Person 1: Look, he's got dem abs.

Person 2: Daaaayuuuummmm.
by Autismosis Jones March 30, 2015
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