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Rollerblading and Rollerblade are trademark brands of 'INLINE SKATES". Saying I went rollerblading is like saying I Keelex'ed the blood off his knee.

Inline skating is a multi-disciplined sport including

1) SPEEDSKATING (Inline Speedskating)
2) TRICK/VERT/AGGRESSIVE (The rails, curbs, ramps)
3) FIGURE SKATING (Typically on conventional 2x2 rollerskates)
4) ROLLER HOCKEY (hockey on conventional 2x2 rollerskates)
5) INLINE HOCKEY (hockey on inline skates)
6) JAM SKATING (competitive dance routines to modern music)
7) ROLLER DERBY (flat track or banked track)

And to the 'fruitbooters' remark... inline skating is a sport that's recognized by the Olympics--skateboarding is a popular fetish among 10-15 year olds who can't drive.
Chachy: I'm going rollerblading later
Sammy: Don't you mean you're going inline skating?
Chachy: Yeah, same thing I guess
by Athletes February 13, 2007
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Someone shows off there ass 24/7 doesn’t stop until they hit one hard. Someone who will sit around in there booty shorts and sport bra all day even with friends
Damn she is such a volleyball player
by Athletes April 1, 2018
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