2 definitions by Ashley the Celiac

A really shitty auto-immune disorder that comes about from an intolerance of gluten (wheat, barley, rye, spelt, teff, buckwheat, quinoa, etc.) and makes you have to cook everything you eat. It also means you can't have pizza, ramen noodles, or easy mac, which is what most people live off of.

Some Celiacs can't have soy or milk either. So basically they can't eat anything. It's a blast.

Celiac Disease is WIDELY misdiagnosed. Most people who have it suffer an average of 9 years before some stupid doctor finally realizes what's wrong with them.
A person with Celiac Disease cannot eat pizza, which is obviously a tragic thing.
by Ashley the Celiac November 14, 2006
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what celiacs can't have.

contrary to the previous definition, i promise you as a celiac that gluten IS in buckwheat and quinoa.
I accidentally ate gluten and now I'm gonna be sick for a couple of days because I have this stupid Celiac Disease ...
by Ashley the Celiac November 14, 2006
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