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A Chope is a creature of such great ignorance that they think they are still living in the 19th Century. They believe women should be chained to a sink, small children should be sent up chimneys, and that the working class should be sterilised and kept in ghettos. Also an acceptable substitution for the word cunt and can be used as such in polite company. Derived from Tory MP, Christopher Chope, who blocked a law to make the taking of upskirt photos illegal, as well as voting against equal marriage, equal pay, and banning wild animals in circuses.
My manager refused to give me time off for my gran's funeral, he is a total Chope .

That Chope told me I should not be allowed to marry because I am gay
by Arthur Montford's Lovechild June 17, 2018

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General name given to English ex pats living in South East Asia. They will often manage bars, restaurants or go go clubs and will spend their time sipping beer and telling anyone who will listen how large their penis is.
They will usually be a Manchester United fan because they love to be hated.
That guy was a right English Bob, he wouldnt stop talking about his penis.

Let's go to that bar that English Bob runs. We can cadge a few beers off him.
by Arthur Montford's Lovechild February 11, 2010

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