2 definitions by Arsenio L.

When you text someone important and get no reply. Often leads to a resending of texts or calls to make sure they received it (along with the danger of looking desperate). Can invoke anxiety that you wont ever get a text back.
Justin: Dude, she hasn't texted me back yet! Maybe I should resend the text to make sure she got it...

Ryan: Dude, you sound desperate...Sounds like you've got Text-Anxiety to me.

Justin: Shut up!
by Arsenio L. January 31, 2008
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One who is addicted to their sidekick. Usually a girl. Must always have their sidekick within an arm's length.
Jennifer (flips her sidekick out): Hey, I got 8 new text messages!

Thomas: You are such a Sidekick Whore!
by Arsenio L. January 31, 2008
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