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It means Wales forever.

Dip shits
Me: Cymru am byth
Someone else: Fuck yeah!
by Aralitra February 12, 2013

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A Goon in the singular is an idiot that does idiotic things with no real harmful side effects other than to them selves. Mostly, the outcome of their goonish behaviour is relatively entertaining to the rest of the world.
The plural, Goonie, is totally opposite. You can only be a Goonie if you have 4-5 other Goons with you. To be a Goonie should be everyones goal in life and if ever reached will automatically rocket you to the top of the food chain, the height of coolness and triple your chances of getting laid. There is a warning in the small print however, Goonies never say die, so if you aim to be a Goonie, SAS training is advised.
"He's just tried to boil an electric kettle on the stove and given himself third degree burns. What a Goon."
by Aralitra December 24, 2009

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