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Some faggot armo that acts like a little bitch and just can't stop taking everything up the ass every single time time. He also happens to be bipolar. For example, one day he'll be a really chill person and the next day he'll act like a total douchebag for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Artin always has to feel like he is right about every single thing even when he can be wrong most of the time. If anyone tried to prove artin wrong in an arguement about anything he WILL go fuckin apeshit on your ass. This is why Artin CANNOT be satisified with almost anything in life. Sadly, he never realizes when he is in denial. There were also many, many debates about if Artin is a homosexual. Many have asked him personally if he is a faggot and he said no, which is confusing for a lot of people because he happens to where abercrombie/hollister clothing, he loves to shave his legs constantly for no reason whatsoever and he loves to watch the O.C(What dude watches the show anyway?). He also happens to have a really gay tone when he talks. Even though Artin is an Armenian, he constantly denies his own race and thinks he is white, which is another example of him being in denial. Artin also can be a selfish prick sometimes. It is no wonder why so many people think he's a complete douche and why so many people think he's a hardcore faggot.
dude 1: Hey dude, i just heard that Artin holds the record for stuffing the most amount dicks in his mouth.
dude 2: Well no fuckin shit, he loves to suck cock remember?
dude 1: Oh yeah, thats right i almost forgot about that.

dude 2: Artin, why are being a bitch?
Artin: I don't know what you're talking about?
dude 2: Don't start shit with me cus I'll seriously beat the shit out of you.
Artin: ....................................
by Ara Arin August 02, 2008

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