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A bully threat.A punch to the gut unless the demands of a bully are met.
Get outta my seat or I'll guttpunch you!
by Anti-gutt December 21, 2010

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A form of bragging without talking trash or smack.
A person with many skills who shows others how skilled he or she is without vocal communication.
The knowledge that you are the best at something without bragging but letting your actions and doings speak for themselves.
Walter Payton was an remarkable running back.He left his play on the field and let his skill talk.
by Anti-gutt January 14, 2011

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fat ass who complains that his extra value meal is too small,the guy who eats everything at your local buffet.
Waiting behind ol' Gutt Goshkabob,I may not get anything!
by Anti-gutt June 28, 2010

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Doing something so horrible that people compare it to shooting Cecil the lion!
I threw out my daughter's ratty old tennis shoes and she was so upset it was like shooting the lion!
by Anti-gutt September 09, 2015

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