10 definitions by Anthony Leong

Having the qualities of being proactive and fastidious
Anthony: I have prepared the documents necessary for the meeting, including some additional material in case you are questioned on some of the finer aspects of the business plan.

Antoine: Your profastity is much appreciated.
by Anthony Leong April 28, 2005
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To reformat a document into a new template, such as taking a Powerpoint presentation in an existing template and dragging-and-dropping it into a new one. In other words, to templify with a new template
Petra is attempting to retemplify all our existing presentations with the new corporate Powerpoint template.
by Anthony Leong April 29, 2005
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A statement with a hint of sarcasm
When he says that 'he looks forward to the meeting in Denver', it sounds like starcasm.
by Anthony Leong September 20, 2005
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