2 definitions by Anthony Elding

A hot male from the North West of England originated in Salford and was quickly adapted in the Towns of Macclesfield and Stockport in England.
The girl was completely awestruck when she saw a Deasy of a guy walking down the street.
by Anthony Elding May 4, 2007
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Something that goes horribly wrong but is usually made up for much later on and can go as long as 9 months without succeeding, often succeeds in the Welsh border cities of Chester and Wrexham and can be called upon as a last resort
That meal was a Dicko of a meal
The meal may have been bad but the desert was good for example.

He had a Dicko of a game
Made a few stupid misses but got there in the end.
by Anthony Elding May 4, 2007
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