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Bing Bong was a "term" used by President Donald Trump during one of his political speeches in order to get elected. Unfortunately the only thing is "term" accomplished was the creation of a meme, which has now seemed to have died off.
Donald Trump: Bing Bing Bing Bong
Audience: *Applause*
by Anime FuccBoi November 11, 2017

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An unstoppable orange marsupial that starred in a few games back for the PS1. Recently the victim of OneyPlays and his 3d animation of Crash back when he was 13. This created a meme known as W O A H.
"What were those aggravating yet pleasing games on the ps1 with the orange dude?"
"Crash Bandicoot N I B B A W O A H
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by Anime FuccBoi August 02, 2017

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