5 definitions by Andrew B.

In a complete sentence, you always say "the Bronx." If you're not using a complete sentence, like writing an address, you write "Bronx, NY".
1) "Fordham is in the Bronx."

2) Fordham Rd & Southern Blvd, Bronx, NY.
by Andrew B. November 1, 2004
The generation born after Generation X. Its parameters begin with people born in the late 1970s and end at the year at which a person born in said year would only know the numbers 9/11 from a history book. Including kids born AFTER 9/11 in this generation is outright absurd.
Generation Y were kids in the 90s, coming of age on 9/11, and will rule the world one day.
by Andrew B. December 8, 2004
Michael Moore: Duh...guns are bad. Ban them all.
Charlton Heston: But the Constitution says we can own them. I don't think you would like it if the government arbitrarily told you you couldn't criticize George Bush.
Moore: Duh...there was a shooting which now should negate gun rights for everyone. Ban the NRA meeting
Heston: Out of respect and sensitivity to the family of the victim, I would love to, but changing our annual stockholder's meeting, planned a year in advance, is just not feasible. And we HAVE to hold this meeting; it is not in any way, shape, or form a "gun rally."
Moore: Duh...you're so insensitive..."From my cold, dead hands?"
Heston: That was in no way, shape, or form a reference to the young girl who was shot by her classmate, dude... Really, who is that much of a jerk?
by Andrew B. November 1, 2004
Something that liberals and feminists like, and libertarians and conservatives hate. Liberals like it because of their naive, simplistic thinking: less guns, less violence. This simple assumption overlooks the fact that if someone has the balls to commit murder, they aren't going to be afraid of breaking a law against gun possession. Feminists love it; the gun is a phallic symbol and is a way of women controlling men.

Libertarians hate gun control, because making it a crime to merely own a gun and having hurt nobody is draconian at best. Conservatives hate it as well, because they all want to own guns and go out and kill liberals and feminists.
Most people call me a conservative when I say Michael Moore is the nut, not Charlton Heston... my beliefs are merely libertarian and common sense.
by Andrew B. November 1, 2004
- a young girl (18+ and nubile) with a pronounced dimple in her chin, dark brown eyes, a short thin stature, shoulder-length brown hair, and kind of shy. Surely this is everyone else's definition of 'cute' as well, I'm assuming. Hmm...maybe it's just me.
Becky, you are sooo cuuuuutttteeee!
- or
Becky, I have two letters to describe you: QT (cutie)
by Andrew B. January 21, 2004