2 definitions by Andie Boudreaux

A name Panic! At The Disco Fans gave Ryan Ross. We took the first two letters of his first and last name. Therefore creating ryro.
Person1 - whos your favorite person in panic! at the disco?

person2 - ryro>brendon
by Andie Boudreaux August 5, 2006
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An amazingly funny and talented man from College Humor. He is best known for his role in Jake and Amir which can be found at jakeandamir.com
person 1 "Yo, did you see the new Jake and Amir skit?" Person 2 "Hell yea! Amir Blumenfeld was hilarious. TWINZIES..or whateva."
by Andie Boudreaux January 27, 2009
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