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A small quiet town in Southeastern part of Rhode Island nearby the towns of Narragansett, Coventry, North Kingstown, and Warwick, filled with what you could, say wealthy people. not everyone's wealthy of course, there are townies and there are people, who are just middle-class and live there like me. Always stereotyped as the rich town full of rich house wives who wear Burberry 10,000 dollar shoes, the rich town full of rich, spoiled, unfriendly, elitist brats and people who live there are always called a "walking ATM machine" But remember, not everyone's rich in East Greenwich. Many successful people today started from EG. East Greenwich is the only republican town in Rhode Island.

East Greenwich is know for its beautiful bay views, art galleries, and restaurants and is rich in history.

East Greenwich is a pretty safe community and that's one of the reasons why some people choose to live there, even though the house prices are quite expensive, rather than cities like Cranston.

Most East Greenwich students are quite smart and have A+ grades. East Greenwich schools have the highest test scores in the state. Most kids have cell phones and iPods, by the time they reach middle school. And most of the kids wear brand names, such as Abercrombie and Fitch, American eagle, etc. And some of the richer kids wear Lacoste, Juicy Couture, etc. Most people are very preppy.

From my experience, most people in East Greenwich generally tolerate those who they aren't friends with. But of course, no one says hello to nobody they know. Gossip lives well, very much thriving and alive, and so does talking behind people's backs. Of course, they are some stuck-ups, who act like total bitches. But most EG kids aren't open to anyone different. If you are different and not "in", you are automatic an enemy.

The "Townies" generally live in downtown East Greenwich or south of post road, and most of the time has a lower income than everyone else. Most Townies are wannabe gangsters and are quite tough and loathe the rich people of the town.

Popular or preppy girls are usually very skinny with big hips, who usually love to shop. Most popular or preppy guys are skinny and bony or they are very lean, who usually are very much into sports or have some personality trait such as being funny, that makes them popular.

Most of the wealthier people of East Greenwich live in the costly housing developments located on Middle Road or in other nearby roads such as, Tillinghast. The most expensive housing development is "The Woods" and is where usually the richest, most popular kids live. The minimum price for a house in one of these housing developments is 800,000 dollars and the maximum is over 3 million dollars.

Those who don't live in the costly housing developments, but still mostly upper-class, usually live on the roads that the expensive housing developments are located on.

Despite, being a wealthy town, the East Greenwich Schools are not-so wealthy. The condition of most of the schools is terrible. Someone wrote earlier that East Greenwich district cut the High School's Music program and instead spends their money on a third gym. That's not true. The East Greenwich School District has no money to build a third gym and they haven't cut the high school's music program. Kids only go to 1-2 field trips a year. The textbooks are from 1980 and in some classes, kids don't even have textbooks. And all East Greenwich Schools have only one gym. Eldredge, Cole and EGHS are all very old. The schools rarely ever have enough money to buy certain equipment, only after book fairs or certain events that raise money for the school, does the school have enough money to buy equipment. For example, it took the schools about four years to save up and buys new computers and laptops for schools and finally get rid of the 1989 Apple or Gateway computers. This is because East Greenwich Schools receives less money then other school districts such as Cranston and Warwick from the government every year, since East Greenwich is thought to be such a "well off" town. So other school districts have alot more money than the East Greenwich School district. And nobody donates a ton of money to the schools.

At EGHS, a high population of students has their own car or uses their parent's car instead of taking the bus. The townies are usually the druggies and the smokers. The cool kids usually hold parties every Friday/weekend. And a lot of people drink alcohol. The EGHS football team is one of the best football teams in the state. EGHS's mascot is an avenger, a knight on a horse with a sword.

At Cole Middle School, there are only two grades, 7th and 8th and each grade is divided up into three groups. The classes are easy compared to the high school. Cole's mascot is a lancer, very similar to EGHS’s mascot, the avenger. The girl's basketball team is always usually terrible; they usually lose all of the season's games. They haven't won the championships or made to the playoffs, since 1996. The boy's basketball team however is quite different, the coach is very tough and the boy's team is quite good.

At, Eldredge and Hanaford, the two elementary schools consists of three grades, fourth, fifth, and sixth. Cliques are usually decided around fourth grade and once cliques are decided, they pretty much stay the same up to the high school. Students usually start dating in 5th grade. Both the school's mascots are the eagle.

Meadowbrook and French town are the two other elementary schools, consisting of four grades, KG, first, second and third grade. Nothing interesting much happens in Frenchtown. All, you do is learn the letters, colors, some math and alphabet and play most of the time, before heading to Eldredge or Hanaford, where the real fun starts.

The racial makeup of the town is 95.64% White, 0.69% African American, 0.06% Native American, 2.50% Asian, 0.01% Pacific Islander, 0.29% from other races, and 0.82% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race is 0.90% of the population.

A Ironic Example Of Getting Harassed Since You are From East Greenwich:

Moses Brown Kid: Hey! How much did those shorts cost? A 100 bucks? What a spoiled brat. (Meaning the red EG shorts, the East Greenwich Schools sell for $20.)

East Greenwich Kid: Look who's talking. How much did those shorts cost?

Another example

{At the Movies}

Girl wearing EG Sweatshirt, passes a couple of high school guys from Warwick.

One guy hoots and points at her: Look, it's a walking ATM machine!

Another example...

{At The Hairdressers}

Hairdresser talking to lady: Those East Greenwich kids are so spoiled today. I swear to god, that every single one of them has a cellphone!

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