2 definitions by Amanda Rose

Yesie is a beautiful,strong woman who means what she says if she tells you she loves you she means it and when she loves she loves hard she's been through a lot but is still a loving caring person her and her best friend are dangerous together and they are inseparable yesie usually has a best friend named Debbie or Deborah
Boy1:is it hot in here or is it just me
Boy2:it's because yesie is in the room
by Amanda Rose June 15, 2019
1. (n.)Something so undeniabley woot that is reaches the wootness of owning/wearing a top hat.

2. (adj.)Schpiffy to the ultimate extreme.

3. (n.) feeling of supreme bliss, that is only comparable to the sensation of wearing a collapsible top hat.
1. Tina: How did you like the chimis from Rudy's?
Anit: They were soooooooo delicious!!1
Tina: That good?
Anit: Top hat good.
Tina: Bloody hell let's get some chimis!!!

2. When I got a computer with sound and color, it was top had good, bitches.

3. Cain: How'd you feel when you were eating those chimis and watching salad fingers on your new computer?
Seamus: Top hat good, my dear fellow, top hat good.
Cain: My tummy box is empty.
Seamus: let's get chimis
by Amanda Rose October 11, 2005