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1. A Deep Question. Something you ask yo bestie at 2am when she's drunk enough to give you a dang good honest answer.

2. Something that when asked in the right place, at the right time creates an intensely vulnerable conversation and reveals something of a persons core values, attitudes or actual weaknesses.

3. Something that makes a person who's fully conscious, a playboy or a lier too uncomfortable to answer.
"Ayo gurl DQ...Joey's more than just a bro to you right?

"Hey baby DQ, If the world was ending and you could save me or yo bro, who would you pick?"

"DQ mate, did you cheat on her last night?"
by Amanda Lorian November 30, 2020

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Random Question, a way of introducing something completely random into a conversation, giving them a warning it might make them cringe. A way to completely alter the subject of a texting marathon to avoid awkward silences.
Yo RQ, do you think pineapple belongs on pizza?
by Amanda Lorian November 30, 2020

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