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When one has the desire to be intimately close to someone in a physical manner. Also when one thinks about another as a potential significant other (lover), often of the opposite sex.
David: How is things.
Bryan: Fine.
David: Bryan, how is things?
Bryan: Don't flatter yourself...i'm fine! Sophia was great, but by no means one of a kind. She was a proximity infatuation.

Bryan: Besides were friends right?
David(Tom): Right.

Jason Lee's honesty speech to Tom Cruise, in the movie Vanilla Sky in 2001. After Tom stole Jason's girl in the first half of the movie.

by Allen "Aames" Han January 6, 2008
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Becoming widely wanted by people who wish to access information, entertainment anywhere. Recently launched IPhone 3G which allows users to have DSL-like connection. Phone is offered by AT&T for a rate of $80.00, which offers 400 minutes/200 Txt/Unlimited Data. Which is pricy to some young consumers.

IPhone created by Apple, comes in 4GB/8GB which has functions of an IPod, with GPS, Cell functions, and internet capabilities mainly used for Youtube and Google.

John: Dude, i'm getting an Iphone but the rates are ridiculous.

Dave: I know man, the minutes are like half if you pay for standard with data plan.

John: I would so unlock one, but there goes the data.

by Allen "Aames" Han July 20, 2008
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Based on cryopreservation through many novels and movies such as Vanilla Sky. One has the ability to freeze oneself under ultra-cold temperatures, making the aging process stop and non-existing which would achieve "suspended animation". Already there have been cases of this process, even companies like "www.alcor.org" is offering the service of immortality through cryogenics. Soon we can see if this technology can be harbored.
Soon I will achieve exactly what Tom Cruise acheived in Vanilla Sky, by purchasing life extension membership from Alcor.
by Allen "Aames" Han September 25, 2006
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