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v. to be out getting drunk on gin. In order to catch the crafty fox from French folklore one must visit drinking holes and order large gins as this is most likely where the gentlemanly vulpine will be found. Of course he is a devious creature and extremely difficult to find so many establishments will have to checked and lots of gin will have to be ordered. The meaning is similar to chasing the dragon. (There is always a risk that while you are rolling around on the floor of some dive enveloped in Mother's Ruin that Monsieur Renard will be at your house seducing your wife) This course of action is highly inadvisable.
"I have a day off tomorrow, it should give me an excellent chance to get on the trail of the ever illusive M.Renard"
by Alistair Drummond February 28, 2005

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Neuvo cockney rhyming slang for a pint of cider, generally Strongbow within the M25
"Good morning, landlord, I'll have a knightrider with a Pernod chaser"
by Alistair Drummond February 16, 2005

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using pedestrian roadworks to such an effect that conversation can be struck up with a random member of the public with a view to taking them back to your place to rut
"How did you pick her up?"

"I bottlenecked her on Kilburn High Road"
by Alistair Drummond February 16, 2005

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