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1. An addictive game by pop cap in which a giant frog spits marble like balls. Which causes zumaic insanity for all

2. A multipurpose word that can convey glee, or can be used in the same way as fuck.
Oh zuma!! i think i broke my foot!
by Alice 'knorp' Rison April 30, 2008
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Roll On The Floor Depressed.
Substitute for 'rofl' when two goths or emos text or instant message each other.
xgoth-chickx says: I've had such an xawfulx day =( you?
darkness-imprisoning-mexx says: bet mine was worse. ROTFD.
by Alice 'knorp' Rison April 29, 2008
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A magical ball in the computer game zuma which makes all the balls move in a backwards direction. It is very exciting.
ZUMA master1: What's your favourite kind of ball?

ZUMA master2: Hmm, that's a tough one but i'd have to say the backwards ball on zuma.
by Alice 'knorp' Rison April 30, 2008
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