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the kick-ass sequel to the first Kingdom Hearts game. Better than the 1st and waaaaaaaaay better graphics. Kingdom Hearts II begins one year after Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. Sora and his companions, Donald and Goofy, have been asleep for the past year in order to regain their lost memories. In the meantime, Roxas is kept in a virtual simulation of Twilight Town created by DiZ so that Roxas, being the Nobody of Sora, may merge with his original self when he finally regains his memory. This was done as part of DiZ's revenge on Organization XIII. The invasion of the virtual town by other Nobodies threatens DiZ's plan, but Roxas is finally forced to merge with Sora. Sora, Donald and Goofy wake up in the real Twilight Town and are sent on another journey by King Mickey and Yen Sid. Their goal is to stop the plans of Organization XIII and find Riku. Sora also receives new clothes that allow him to fuse with party members to gain special abilities, known as Drive Form. Afterwards, Maleficent is resurrected and joins with Pete to continue her quest for power.Sora travels to many Disney-themed worlds, both old and new, and resolves the troubles caused by Organization XIII, the Heartless, Maleficent and Pete, and local villains. In the meantime, Kairi is kidnapped by Organization XIII. During a visit to Hollow Bastion, they again meet King Mickey, who reveals the true nature of Ansem, the antagonist of Kingdom Hearts. The Ansem who Sora defeated is in fact the Heartless of Xehanort, a student of Ansem the Wise. Xemnas, the leader of Organization XIII, reveals himself and is found to be the Nobody of Xehanort. Sora then revisits the worlds to solve lingering problems and new complications. Through a passageway in the virtual Twilight Town, Sora, Donald, and Goofy arrive at the World That Never Was, the headquarters of Organization XIII, with Kingdom Hearts looming over as a moon. There, Sora finds Kairi and Riku, who reveals the nature of Sora's and Roxas' relationship. Mickey meets DiZ, who reveals himself to be Ansem the Wise. Ansem the Wise uses a device that dissipates some of Kingdom Hearts' power, but the overload from the infinite complexity of hearts causes the machine to explode and kills Ansem the Wise. The plot climaxes when Sora and his friends battle Xemnas, who uses the remnants of Kingdom Hearts to power his multiple forms. After Xemnas' defeat, Sora and Riku are reunited with their friends at Destiny Islands, their home.The game ends with Sora, Kairi and Riku reading a mysterious letter by Mickey.
Kingdom Hearts 2 screen play:

DiZ: If we can maintain the simulated town until Naminé finishes chaining together Sora's memories.

Riku: What will happen to Roxas?

DiZ: He holds half of Sora's power within him. In the end, he'll have to give it back. Until then, he'll need another personality to throw off his pursuers.

DiZ: To half of Sora, of course. You reside in darkness. What I need is someone who can move about the realm of light and destroy Organization XIII.
by Alice Hikairi January 24, 2007
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