3 definitions by Ali a Kahoot

When your bf miss spells cute in a text
why is she smarter chute nice and older than me
by Ali a Kahoot February 03, 2021
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All round talented human being who DOESN'T DESERVE HATE.

he can speak 3 languages and is so wholesome. Omar Rudberg is fancy, stylish and hot af
Person: what are you listening to?
Me: Yo dije ouff by Omar Rudberg

person: who's that?
me: most talented person in the world who can sing, act and dance
by Ali a Kahoot August 30, 2021
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When you have watched the Tom Hiddleston interview when he tells us he loves us too.
Tom: I love you guys too
Interviewer: now y'all are pregnant.
You are gonna have hiddle-babies.

Me: when am I due? I didn't even know I was pregnant?
Friend: don't ask me..
by Ali a Kahoot August 11, 2021
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