1 definition by Alexander Joseph Lee

The new idea of Fascism which is less gloomy and less violent but still preatty violent if one rebels.

1.The government rules all business and aspects of life.
2.The state is ruled by a 'Dictator'
3.Rebellion is forbiddon(Neo-Fascism does not act violently towards rebellion, it is only treason and will result in jail sentencing; Neo-Fascist governemnt looks at itself as an improvement of Mussolini's Fascism idea, Neo-fascism works in a way that the people would approve of it's actions while the government still has complete power.)
4. Neo-Fascism's goal is not Power, Power, Power. Neo-Fascisms goal is more Power, Please the state's people, and make a perfect society without crime.

"One day I'm going to be the dictator of The Netherlands and bring Neo-Fascism into power!" -Alex Lee

"He has a bright future!" - Old person
by Alexander Joseph Lee January 12, 2005
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