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Lumb is a famous homo-erotic acronym standing for: Lube up my butt.

It can take on two meanings. It can be a command, dictating one's gaysexual boyfriend to lubricate one's asshole, or a state-of-being, such as in the example shown below.
I woke up with oodles of lumb.

Carl, for fuck's sake, just lumb!

by Alex Yusupov August 18, 2008

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A super secret code-word that is used to tell people to get nude without explicitly stating your purpose.
"I told her to dekanteg, and she told me that she would like eparfostol in her future as well."
by Alex Yusupov October 03, 2007

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An Internet forum mimicking the styles and memes of 4chan. The members have lots of beef with the ProBoards community, so much so that the ProBoards owner Patrick Clinger personally monitors their site for hours every day.

The forum is considered to be by its members the last bastion of hope for new Internet messaging boards, but everyone just deems it another forum with a cool skin.
I was on TalkPark.net yesterday and people were arguing about what kind of detergent is best to get rid of semen stains on your children's clothing.

At Talk Park, we <3 epilepsy.
by Alex Yusupov July 08, 2009

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Occasionally, a penis will begin spewing foamy...something, rather than the casual semen. It looks like it's "fizzing", and therefore begins to "fizpop".
We shot pressurized CO2 through his dick, and it began to fizpop.
by Alex Yusupov October 21, 2007

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yelling on the floor, laughing
We injected a retard with acid, and he suddenly began yotfl!!1
by Alex Yusupov December 28, 2006

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A term used by mods at TalkPark.net for stupid threads. Primarily restricted to the spam boards. Also known and commonly abbreviated as "l4g".
An example of a thread that would get L4G:

Content: IS A TURTLE :D

Mod response: LOCKED FOR GAY.
by Alex Yusupov July 12, 2009

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OTIO: Obvious Troll Is Obvious.
Post #1: "This is gay."
Post #2: "otio"
by Alex Yusupov October 30, 2009

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