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A Political part and Catch phrased Coined By Aisle Five's Very own Al;bert Bigginz (THATS ME BIOTcH) who coined it durring a rhyme..anyways it means Aboslutly nothing
*reporter* Mr. Bigginz What do you know about the "I will eat you party?"
*Me* Bitch i know Nothin 'Cept if you ask me another dumb Question " I WILL EAT YOU BIOTCH I AM SUBWAY AND I RESERVE THAT RIGHT. VOTE FOR ME "
by Albert Bigginz April 7, 2005
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One of the Characters in Final Fantasy X who is somewhat...idiotic and level headed. he is usally the concious of the group and does hae a accent and a annoying tendency to say " bruddah" a lot. At one point was a big huge part of the story line but after you win or lose the blitzball cup...well..he just is another useless fighter who needs training
Tidus: Let's go attack Seymore
Wakka: But he's a maestor Bruddah
by Albert Bigginz May 20, 2005
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