6 definitions by Alaric C.

The phrase a Nerd screams just before he's about to rape a girl he has been stalking for the past three months.
"I'm finally going to go Super Saiyan on Alaina's ass tonight!"
by Alaric C. April 16, 2015
The expression of one's true passion or love for something or someone.
Joe: "Clyde, what do you love most in this world?"

Clyde: "I would have to say that art is my soul cat."


Tj: "Drake, do you really love Mikayla?"

Drake: "Yeah dude, she is definitely my soul cat!"
by Alaric C. October 28, 2014
Wearing sweaters or sweater vests consecutively for at least four days much like Bill Cosby did in the 1980's sitcom. Often during holiday seasons accompanied with pie.
Drake: "Why is Tj wearing so many sweaters?"

Clyde: "Oh, he's just Bill Cosbying."
by Alaric C. October 29, 2014
SGW is the abbreviation for the term 'Serious Genital Warts.' This term is often confused with SJW (Social Justice Warrior) due to its similarities in appearance, and having the same place in society.
"All SJWs have SGW problems."

"I did not have a sexual encounter with my date due to SGWs."
by Alaric C. April 9, 2016
A list of all the celebrities you would love to fuck, but, like a Christmas list, you don't usually get what you want.
Jie: Hey Tj, who is on your Christmas List?
Tj: I would have to say I would bang Megan Fox, Katy Perry, Mila Kunis, Jennifer Lawrence, and at number one Scarlett Johansson!
by Alaric C. February 10, 2015
Clyde: "Who is your band's manager?"

Brandon: "Correction, bandager."
by Alaric C. October 29, 2014