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When some weak ass kids and they sorry ass daddies can't keep Alicia out they head so they can't read no books then SA-TAN go and tell em to put they kids in my head so I can read for them.

Now they all got these big ass brains thanks to me and don't none of the females wanna give it up for the REALEST NIGGA IN THE GAME. You know what I be saying? Aight then.

#teamsatan #airtime #sobig #stillwinning

This bitch trapping in my head trying to flex with the brain. She must have forgot how she gonna always be one of my littleniggas.
by Airtime SoBig May 17, 2022
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A 457 million year old demons from the Andromeda galaxy. A dumb cunty bitch. Married to Anu "God of the Sky". Has many alternate identities one of which was the Rakata known as Pre'dor Skalnas. Never popped it for a real nigga before.
Naki used to be all about Anu's bitch ass but ever since Airtime rolled up on her she be feeling some type of way every time she looks at that corny ass nigga.
by Airtime SoBig December 23, 2021
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A group of "businessmen" that originated in Norway in the year 2342 Before Christ. Afflicted by a permanent state of butt hurt.
All these pint-size demons running around doing evil shit on Earth seem to have one thing in common: they were all created to be slaves of the Annunaki. Those pussy ass niggas at Brazzers claim to be on the cutting edge but shit even BangBros found that out before they did.
by Airtime SoBig December 25, 2021
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Airtime be So Big you know what I be saying. Like he SO BIG right? I mean gah dam Airtime so big it be like man that shih crazy. Ya dig? Aight then. #teamsatan #stillwinning #airtime #sobig

I didn't know anything could be so big but then Airtime rolled up on me and now I'm like man Airtime so big
by Airtime SoBig December 20, 2021
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When a gang of alien gutter scum abduct your future ex-wife and debate the merits of raping her before selling her into slavery while you get drunk in the cantina, lose 2/3 of your "bankroll" playing pazaak to billion year old demons, and haggle with a teenage scrapper slut for a custom astromech droid that can slice into state of the art military security systems and doesn't come with the whiny bitchy backlip of R2-D2.
Revan thought that a weeks wages at the mandated minimum on Alderaan was too high a price to pay for T3-M4 but if he hadn't been such a Jew maybe Bastilla would not have been Black Vulkarized. I don't think the walls of her vaginal canal ever recovered after that alien sank his tether hooks into it.
by Airtime SoBig December 14, 2021
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A figment of the Annunaki's imagination that is worshipped by female Black Panthers while also regarded with suspicion by their husbands leading to these male Black Panthers developing a permanent condition of feeling some type of way.
This bitch talking to Babu in her ghost head again and got that glazed look in her eyes. That nigga probably ain't even real but I'm gonna keep my mouth shut about it because I want some more of that nasty ass wolf pussy tonight. I just hope Airtime don't roll up on us again.
by Airtime SoBig December 22, 2021
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