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When you sophisticated but still a bit trashy
Jane: “Linda, what does your tramp stamp say?”
Linda: “I think, therefore I am.”
Jane: “Wow, that’s pretty trashisticated.”

Joe: “I got into this great beer recently. It’s a golden lager with hints of barley and a smokey aroma.”
Bill: “Oh yeah? What’s it called?”
Joe: “Keystone Light
Bill: “You sounded pretty trashisticated right there bro...”
by Ahab, Destroyer of Nations August 02, 2018

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When you do something badass in a video game but don’t have a corpse nearby to do a full teabag, so you just click the crouch button repeatedly over thin air to celebrate your badassery.
“Dude why are you teabagging that rock?”
“I just got a cross-map headshot but can’t make it over to teabag his body before he respawns.”
“Oh I see, so you’re teabragging instead! Nice shot bro.”
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by Ahab, Destroyer of Nations August 05, 2020

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That dude who lurks by the Mrs. Fields shops in popular malls and hits on cute women who stop by. The women have lowered their defenses to focus on their search for desserts, and are therefore vulnerable to the approaches of this man.
*Man approaches Woman gazing longingly at a giant cookie cake*
Man: "Hey there, looks like you've got a sweet tooth. I've got something to fix that..." *winks seductively*
Woman: "Oh gosh you're one of those creepy Mr. Fields dudes, aren't you? Not interested."
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by Ahab, Destroyer of Nations November 17, 2018

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An urgent, often hurried restroom visit that results from "holding it" for too long.
Scott had to sprint to the bathroom to drop some huge panic shits after holding it for the whole movie!
by Ahab, Destroyer of Nations February 14, 2014

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verb. To exit a party, gathering, or location when the attraction has been exploited or you have overstayed your welcome. See also bounce and roll out.
Looks like we've thoroughly emptied Hannah's chocolate fountain. Squad, it's time to ghost from this grad party.
by Ahab, Destroyer of Nations May 17, 2016

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