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Poor individual (Australian Slang). Short bastardisation of word "poverty".
That stupid wordfucktard/word is such a povvo wordbastard/word!
by Agent FareEvader August 17, 2003
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The up-tempo style of music originating in the Punjab region of Northern India and Pakistan. Origianlly the rhymes and drum songs performed by Wheat Farmers during and after the harvest season. Contemporary interpretations of classic songs have had a large impact on the charts. Can also describe the traditional style of dance performed by the same ethnic group at traditional ceremonies.
Even though Kevin is White, he can still Bhangra like Gurdas Maan or Jassi from B21.
by Agent FareEvader August 17, 2003
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(Australian Slang) 1. One who makes a mockery of themselves and others subconsciously or without intent.
2. One who cannot make up their mind.
3. Anyone roughly defined as a fool or buffoon.
That Rodger Barley; What a fucking tree-swinger!
by Agent FareEvader August 12, 2003
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