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Never having to answer for brazen public criminal activity. Getting away with murder, literally. Above the law, "untouchable."The ability to rail false accusations ad nauseam to avert attention from the actual criminal activity of the accuser democrat. "stealing elections and getting away with it on a national scale. Being responsible for all "systemic racism" and blaming everyone else for it. The ability to program weak-minded masses into believing in and implementing communism in the free world and passing it off as humanitarian when in fact it murders a million people a year minimum just to be a "thing" and has been a consistent failure since its inception etc...
She will never be held to account because she has Democrat Privilege.
by Africa Nature June 25, 2021
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Systemic Racism: A democrat created mind slave victim class that wouldn't otherwise exist is established over many years by pandering, handouts, propaganda, & manufactured crisis (where democrats set themselves up as savior also) targeting that portion of any population that is highly susceptible to mental programming through communist subverted information systems such as "the media" in exchange for votes & other loyalties which are purchased through this infiltration into American politics. Not of any specific ethnic descent. A "feedback loop" if you will. Systemic Racism.
It is important to note that no real solutions are ever actually implemented by the democrats, though they will promise the moon at length, and historically civilization tends to decay along with the economy whenever these types are in any office of power, across available seats of differing importance & influence, basically due to the parties inevitable communist ideological subversion.
Charlot was shocked at her epiphany when she realized that she was a victim of systemic racism
by Africa Nature June 25, 2021
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