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The feeling you get the first time the girl of your dreams asks you out. It's the best feeling in the world, you feel you will never be sad again and nothing can ever go wrong. You are never bored, because you just think that she wants to go out with you and that makes you so happy. Anything bad that happens to you seems extremely insignificant compared to the fact that the girl of your dreams thinks you are special in some way that no one else on Earth is.
When Monique asked me out I was filled with euphoria and it seemed I would never be sad again.
by Adrian Cooper August 17, 2007
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Love is all of the above and so much more. Love is indescribable, but I'll do my best to describe it. When you are in love, nothing else matters, nothing can hurt you, because they are so special to you and they see something in you that they see in no one else on the planet. When you are in love, and they love you back, you are, most of the time, euphoric, because there is something about them that you just need, and they give it to you, and they feel the same way about you. Love does not end after death. True love goes on for all eternity.
Monique, if you ever read this, I want you to know that I love you totally and completely. You accepted me when no one else would, and even after you stopped liking me, you were still by far the kindest girl I had, and still have, ever known. I'll never forget the poem I wrote to you, on the fateful day that changed my life.

"If a smile were a raindrop, I'd send you a shower,
If a hug were a puddle I'd send you a sea,
If a kiss were a second I'd send you an hour,
If I were God, I'd send you me."

Please give me another chance someday.

I love you.
by Adrian Cooper August 26, 2007
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Infinity plus one is an irrational number that only truly occurs when calculating extremely tiny differences.
The difference between 9.99999... recurring and 10 is:
1 multiplied by ten to the power of -(infinity plus one)
which means zero point an infinite number of zeroes followed by 1
by Adrian Cooper September 16, 2007
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