2 definitions by Adam, a man who KNOWS rock.

a lame ass show on mtv where a pansy named ashton kutcher thinks he's funny for pranking people and he's going to get his ass kicked one of these days for doind it to the wrong person.
i would like to see bam margera kick ashton kutcher's ass one of these days. punk'd sucks
by Adam, a man who KNOWS rock. November 11, 2005
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all you people who say she's not a poser are fucking stupid. cant you see that she's acting like she doesent care what people think of her? you people should open up your fucking eyes. she fucking sucks, she's not punk, and all of her fans should give Joan Jett a listen because she is a fuck load of a lot better than she is.
FanGirl: Avril Lavigne is so not a poser! she doesent even call her self punk and says she's being herself!
Me: Thats where you are wrong you materialistic slut. Avril SAYS she is just being herself, when inside she's just a poser who never had a goddamned original musical thought in her head. Joan Jett would kick the living shit out of her.
FanGirl: Arghhh! STFU!
Me: No.
FanGirl: Well she's going out with the guy from sum 41 so fuck off!
Me: Yea i feel bad for him, his band is actually good and has some pretty decent music.
by Adam, a man who KNOWS rock. November 06, 2005
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