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A game usually played with a group of people. people take turns to participate. To participate in this game you have to follow the following equation :

Animal + sexual act + working position (all of which must begin in the same letter)
Dude 1 - Im bored guys.
Dude 2 - lets play the animal game.
Dude 3 - LETS !!

Dude 1 - Ok. I will go first. Ape Anal analyst !

Dude 2 - Thats good, but its not better than Cat Canoodling Carpenter.
Dude 3 - Leopard Licking Linguist !
by Abu B Sal October 3, 2009
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Another way of saying "too expensive" or "I cant afford it". More commonly used amongst friends who like to blow their money on random shit.
pompous friend - Guys, lets go to the Ballet after an entire day of go karting.

working class person - Im sorry dude, Im going to have to take out a second mortgage to go, so I will pass.
by Abu B Sal October 3, 2009
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A gujarati word for "spoilt sport".
Have you seen Jayne, she is such a kaalpan ! she has ten best friends !
by Abu B Sal November 26, 2007
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dude 1 : dude tell dude 3 about that story from last week.
dude 2 : its ok man, just let it go, its an on location joke, he wont get it !
by Abu B Sal October 7, 2009
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loosely translated as "want tea ?". However, this phrase is a multifaceted phrase which if used appropriately, can be used in many different scenarios; namely as a chat up line (to offer chai) or to dismiss a situation (to have suffered a chai pivit moment).

Like many arts, utilising the correct chai pivit phrase in different situations takes time, patience and perseverance.
Example 1 - chat up line

Man - Masi, Chai piVit ?
Masi - no thank you, my husband fed me chai this morning. Another time perhaps.

Example 2 - dismissing a situation.
(moments after example 1)

Mans best friend : Dude, did that line work on masi ?
Man : just let it go man, it was a proper chai pivit moment, I much rather not think about it.
by Abu B Sal October 2, 2009
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A common congratulatory statement amongst cool Doctors. It is the zenith of synonyms for "smashed it", "well done", "congrats".

On social events, this statement can be amended slightly to get down with the "young" dyslexic crowd by adding the word "you did" before "caned it
Patient - Doc, I beat that serious bout of Flu.
Doctor - you caned it !

Young member - O dude, I completed my dissertation and handed it in.
Doctor - you did caned it mate !
by Abu B Sal October 3, 2009
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To have a competition with your friend(s) to see who can eat the most / quickest. Participants need not be obese to participate. Under no circumstance can the eat off be planned. The eat off can be to consume ANY food.
Dude 1 - Duuuuude, this lasagne is awesome.
Dude 2 - Duuuuuude, it really is. I'm going to have another piece.
Dude 1 - Oh yeah so am I.
Dude 2 - Are you challenging me to an eat off ?
Dude 1 - Hell yes. Eat off !

random spectator- Eat off, Eat off...EAT OFF !!!

Eat off commences...followed by eat off champion mocking the eat off loser until the next eat off.
by Abu B Sal October 3, 2009
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