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He's quiet but but by far the most popular guy at school. Literally everyone loves him and even though girls flock to him he says "I'm waiting". He always just gives stuff away to friends to help them which makes him the most generous person ever. Esteban will always come through no matter what, there was a track race where his relay team was being crushed, Esteban wasn't even concerned, he just got the baton and all hell broke loose! He made the craziest comeback of all time and humiliated some of the best runners in the country. We make fun of him for choosing to practice instead of going out with friends but he doesn't care. Although he will always downplay his abilities, he has so much potential and is often underestimated big time, he will accomplish crazy feats of endurance such as marathons and triathlons without telling a single person unless they ask. He loves God and claims that its only through God that he has accomplished things. He wont ask for attention and may seem mysterious to most, but off of the track he is a simple, cool, loving guy who loves the Colorado outdoors. On the track he is a smoking hot, badass machine and probably a future Olympian. If you know an Esteban become his best friend(like me)or wife because a dude like this only comes around once every 10000 years.

Ps. I'm writing this to have people guess who I am writing about and Esteban doesn't know about this yet. He will claim to be mad and want to kill me, but that just means lunch is on him.
Pretty Girl: Where's your cute friend?
Esteban's Friend: Oh Esteban? He said he was going to run a marathon real fast. Hell be back in like five minutes.

Hot girl: Wanna go eat somewhere Esteban?
Esteban: Do I know you?

Panicked civilians: Oh no he world is ending!!!
Calm civilian: Calm down Esteban is here.
Panicked civilians: Phew

Concerned man: There is a man laying on the ground over there at the track. He was throwing up and just collapsed. Is he ok? I think he just died.
Paramedic: Ha ha, its just Esteban. Sorry sir, he does that sometimes.
by Abel carsauce October 22, 2020

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