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a crusader is a girl that was just played on or been cheated on. Once this happens, she's gets some sort of internal power like Captain Planet (When your powers combine...) and feels she can be a voice for all women. She'll listen to songs 24/7 such as "Independent Women", "Bills Bills Bills, or even "Scrubs by TLC." I hate this shit cause they try to influence girls with boyfriends on how to treat them. "Don't let him talk to you like that girl..Oh no girl, that aint right.." My response: Bitch, get yo ass in the kitchen and cook. You got damn Jesse Jackson, Oprah, Erika Badu.

damn these crusading women. Leading the war against men. Watch out for hoes like this...
Damn Cheryl just got played on??? She's finna act like a crusader now...
by Abdul Raja Jackson May 25, 2006

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