3 definitions by AJ Pugno

aj pugno is the demon of fire and death. He can kill anything with one touch. He also has the ability to go back in time and come back to the present. He is often seen as a boy named A.J. but is still dangerous. Beware his gaze or you will see your worst fears.
aj pugno walked down the street, touched someone, and the person colapsed.
by AJ Pugno May 23, 2017
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Is the demon of time. No one knows his origon, but he has had many names like Bill Cipher and many followers like the illuminati. He has the ability to enter ones mind, controll someone, or bend reality and matter like making portals. He can only be summoned but who would do that.
Itilli shook hands with the man and blue fire rapped around there fist. Itilli chuckled , "you fool! You have allowed me to take over you. Ha ha ha!"
by AJ Pugno May 23, 2017
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The best thing in the world. I just did it like 500 times.
lets have super sexy sex.
by AJ Pugno March 31, 2017
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