2 definitions by AJ Hampton

A fuffle is the short way of saying a friend forever. The etymology of the word comes from the term 'bff' (best friends forever) but minus the 'best' part. When calling someone your fuffle you are implying that they will be your friend forever but not necessarily your best friend. If you want them to be your best friend you can call them your befuffle.
I told Des that she was my fuffle when she bought me a pack of mexicokes.
by AJ Hampton September 14, 2016
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Social Fatigueness is a feeling that you get after spending too much time with freinds. It consists of mental and occasionally physical tiredness. It is most common in introverts and can be very discomforting and, in severe circumstances, may even lead to a crash of depression.
After Aj killed herself her freinds realized that she was actually socially fatigued.
by AJ Hampton November 29, 2016
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