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A country that was built upon corruption and incompetence. Along with their Turkish buddies, they were greatly influenced of the Mongolian Empire, and shortly after its collapse, both Turks and Azerbaijanis decided to start an empire of their own. Turks formed "The Ottoman Empire" which stretched into the Balkans, Mid East and North Africa. Azerbaijanis, on the other hand, failed to sustain a big empire and settled in the Caucasus region of Europe. When the Turks stole land from the Armenians, Greeks, Bulgarians, Albanians, etc. all those countries fought for their independence. Turkey, then, decided to savagely attack the Armenians, in an attempt to get rid of them. Azerbaijan decided to follow a similar pattern, but this time it would be a war, rather genocide. In the war, Azerbaijan was brutally losing by a 7:1 casualty rate to the Armenians.

Modern day Azerbaijan consists of bribes, bootlegged DVDs and drugs. Along with the Turks, there are few Azerbaijanis who actually have Azerbaijani blood in them. The rest are mixed races, most likely from people indigenous to the Caucasus mountains. Economically and politically, the country is in a mess, and they're trying to obtain "Nagorno-Karabakh", which is an autonomous region that belongs to the Armenians. Along with Turkey, Azerbaijan is a country that should be spat on, and rather overlooked. They also think they're the best simply because they're Muslims in Europe (true story)...
Azerbaijan resident: we're the best man we're Muslims man
Man: No one is the best, retard.
by A1 Steak Sauce is the best June 08, 2010
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