3 definitions by A. P. Damien

A mythical computer instruction. Whatever is right to do at this point in the program, do that.
A new instruction has been added to the PDP-10 instruction set: Do The Right Thing. Please update your programs. (From a MOTD - Message of the day -- on an MIT ITS system.)
by A. P. Damien June 29, 2019
When a streetworker collects the lettuce in advance, excuses herself to go to the bathroom, then climbs out the window or otherwise makes a quiet exit leaving the john with a hard-on and out the moola.
I paid that whore two benjamins for a BJ, then she pulled a murphy on me.
by A. P. Damien March 20, 2019
Don't do that. It's the nubbing cheat if you get caught.
by A. P. Damien August 21, 2022