13 definitions by A. B.

Amelia is a sweet girl who is very pretty. She loves the beach and the mountains. She can be quick-tempered but is usually a very bubbly person who can. be crazy and funny at times. She is over all a nice, hard-working girl to be valued more than diamonds, like all people.
"Amelia is SO hard-working, it's crazy!"
by A. B. March 27, 2020
When will my life begin is a song from Tangled that describes how we feel right now. (Rapunzel sings a song about how she is waiting for her life to begin while stuck in a tower) Ironically the kingdom in the movie is called Corona!
"When will my life begin!? The coronavirus is keeping me in my house and I am bored!"
by A. B. March 28, 2020
A roadside restaurant or cafe (serving traditional food) where you can eat out in the open in a very relaxed atmosphere. Found primarily in Pakistan and India.
Today I had breakfast at a Boat Basin Dhaba at 5am. They serve the best halwa puri.
by A. B. June 6, 2005
Ice cream is the most amazing food in the universe (sugar!) I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream! Can't beat ice cream!
by A. B. March 28, 2020
Noah can be a Noah. He is only human and can be trying but generally, he is a great guy and worthy of respect. Noah is blonde and loves football. He loves his family and loves Texas. He doesn't like snakes and is VERY athletic. If you know a Noah value him, he may be ruff around the edges but he has a good heart.
"Noah is hard to get through, but when you do he is a great guy!"
by A. B. March 27, 2020
Crazy is a term used to define a person or thing that is weird and/or out of hand. If you are crazy be careful, there is no telling what a crazy person will do!
"He is crazy! Stay away from him!"
by A. B. March 27, 2020