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A site with a stupid name that makes it sound several thousand times more innocent than it actually is.In Clubs most arguments are started by people trolling, and are quite frankly, hillarious most of the time, However there are those sad, boring people who just cant see that it is funny and make comebacks to the troll which they think are 'witty' usually about their use of grammar however makes them look like absolute twats.These people can be aged between 9 and 20 and are the most annoying people on Stardoll.
Then there are the noobs, the poor unfortunate members who have never been taught that Text talk makes you look like an incompetent fool. Because of this, no one takes them seriously and they leave quite quickly
Also, there are the 'guy' members, which 99% are actually girls pretending to be a guy. The noobs (Seen above) Usually have a Stardoll 'Boyfriend' but are oblivious to the fact that they are actually a girl.

Then there are the populars.. Noobs and those crap argue'ers I mentioned first suck up to them. The populars are the ones who only need to post 'Hi' and they get several hundred replies. Usually fit in with cool members.

Lastly, there are the cool members, like me, who have a sense of humour and are sometimes behind the trolling sprees in moments of bordom.

Ofc there are Attention seekers and wemos as well. The Wemos are like Trolls, but actually mean the initial post. And attention seekers are fairly self explainitory.
Me in real life: Omg, I had a fucking hillarious trolling spree on Stardoll last night.
Me: What the fuck do you know? When did you ever make an account
Friend: I dont need to, its got a shit name, so it's shit.
Me: It's better than your precious Tumblr -.-

-Argument in a club-
Troll: UMG whut r pubez? i wanna no
Noob: how old r u? cuz i dont want 2 tell u if ur not old enough...
Serious person: Go get a life. You are pathetic and obviously have no grasp of grammar, no one wants you here so gtfo of this club
Fake Guy: Hey, wanna go on a date babe?
Cool Member: -Says some witty answer that the troll knows is a joke and they both have a convorsation in the topic-
by A Former Fa.2'er January 14, 2012
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