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An Abriahna is a girl who's heart is bigger than the ocean, she's kind, beautiful, funny, and all around an amazing person. They're generally pretty short, but feisty, can be unsure at times but is always ready to challenge you on any compliments or kind actions. She's always willing to be there for you and she's extremely loyal, some times even to a fault. They're great artists, whether it be painting, music, or singing, you know she's mastered it. While Winter and Summer are great she knows that Fall is the best season of them all. She loves play fighting and going on adventures and she's a bit clumsy. She'll never forget the way you make her feel and she's always willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to make you happy. If you've found yourself an Abriahna, boy are you lucky, keep and cherish her.
"Hey why didn't you come to the party last night?"
"Sorry bro, I was with Abriahna"
by A wild Disappointment September 28, 2020
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