4 definitions by A very silly monke

To make a statement which makes you look foolish or backfires.
Jason pulled a Partridge when he said "When Bale comes on it will lift the team and give us another 25%"
by A very silly monke October 20, 2020
When a primate knows that the primate they most desire is a good one, they fight for it, and ensure both primates have the chance at happiness and sharing the banana.
A very silly monke messed up badly and lost his favourite banana, but he couldn't give up...he made himself better and eventually was reunited with his prize banana and made sure he never did anything so silly again...a monke never gives up on a good banana
by A very silly monke July 29, 2021
To be close to achievement then bottle it at the final hurdle.
He pulled a Spurs, he had the race won before he tripped and fell on his face
by A very silly monke October 20, 2020