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(In Britain) a now largely redundant political party that formerly represented the British working class. Growing out of the Union movement in the late 19th century, it now acts largely as a hobby horse for bored Hampstead housewives, woke activists and careerist politicians.
Rob: hey did you hear that Labour Party activist talk about the pressing need to decolonise the curriculum, promote greater understanding of gender fluidity, and to increase the numbers of black lesbians in STEM?
Alice: yes - I’m sure that will help win back former Labour seats in the north.

Builder: I’m just a tad concerned that an open-door to labourers from Eastern Europe might be suppressing wages and making it harder for me to make a living.
Labour Party activists: shut up racist!
Builder: It’s nothing to do with race - besides eastern Europeans are white.
Labour Party activist: don’t mansplain to me.
by A jolly fine fellow January 07, 2021

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The shortened name used by British Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson in an attempt to make him seem less of a clueless, out-of-touch, upper-class twat.
John: Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson just gave the hated Dominic Cummings a £40k golden goodbye.
Wendy: who?
John: Boris Johnson.
Wendy: oh yeah - that’s exactly the sort of tone deaf, twattish thing he’d do.

Matthew: did you know that no one knows how many children Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson has fathered?
Lenny: Who? And what sort of ridiculous, pretentious toff name is that ?
Matthew: it’s Boris Johnson’s full name.
Lenny: ah ok, it figures.
by A jolly fine fellow January 10, 2021

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To blatantly break rules, the law, or social norms out of sense of arrogance, superiority and entitlement, especially when you get away with it or face only tokenistic punishment, thus provoking disgust, anger and resentment amongst the wider public who are expected to abide by those same rules and punished if they don’t. Named in honour of Dominic Cummings, one-time right-hand man to British PM Boris Johnson, who during the first covid lockdown drove across the country from London to Durham to his parents, and made various trips in the local area, later stating these were necessary to ‘test his eyesight’. He kept his job.
Bob: I got pulled over for speeding last night, but the cop let me off with just a stern word after I told him I’m close friends with the police chief.
Tod: wow! Sounds like you really did a Cummings there.

Covid marshall: you’re out in public in lockdown without a valid reason and are therefore being given a £100 fine.
Average ordinary chump: ah man, if I was rich and well-connected I could have done a Cummings and gotten away with this.

Wife: I caught you red-handed in bed with another woman.
Husband: but I had to see another woman in a state of undress in order to test my eyesight.
Wife: don’t try and do a Cummings with me!
by A jolly fine fellow January 10, 2021

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Noun. a person who does not do their supposed job; a shirker; a placeholder; an ineffectual and inept person.
Verb. to offer no opposition; to avoid doing one's job; to shirk one's responsibilities.

Coined in reference to Labour Party leader Keir Starmer, who spent the Covid pandemic quietly rubber stamping everything Boris Johnson did.
Andy: did you hear about the lawyer who sat back and did nothing whilst their client was ripped to shreds by the prosecution?
Alice: wow - sounds like a real Keir Starmer.
by A jolly fine fellow January 08, 2021

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