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Short for "yes please"
Eliza: Would you like some nutella and peanut butter thinly spread on a tortilla with a glass of milk and male strippers?

Alene: YP.
by A boy February 26, 2005

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A really way hot girl who you totally want to bang/bone/someother'b'word refering to the act of making love in a nice and pleasant manner
Will: "There goes Alene."
Jesse: "Yeah, I totally want to b-sex her up"
by A boy February 25, 2005

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A boy in my school who posts on urban dictionary like I do.
Ghubs: I posted on urban dictionary right before "A boy" did, and "A boy" doesn't know what I defined. Giggle!
by A boy February 25, 2005

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A Girl's name
E.G: Wendy, Elizabeth, Alice, Esuna
by a boy September 01, 2003

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I don't know what it is, but it smells like fudge.
"Hey, where's the fudge? I can smell it, but I can't see it! Must be that cloit over there."
by a boy June 18, 2003

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