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A geometric shape characterized by all points being on the same geometric plane as well as being the same distance from the center. The distance from the center to any point on the perimeter is known as the radius. The perimeter is also known as the circumference. Two times the radius, or the distance from any point on the perimeter threw the center and onto another point on the perimeter is known as the diameter.
A gathering place characterized by its general shape being a geometric circle.
The ratio of a circles volume to a square inscribed in the circle is equal to 2 times Pi divided by 4.
Lets go meet at the circle.
by A being March 18, 2004

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1: A devastating experience of epic proportions from which nothing or very little is left intact.
2: Having to do with atoms or the atom in general.
Thats just atomic!
Today we will study atomic science.
by A being March 17, 2004

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